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Fresh from a stellar session with Pink Monkey Photography, Stefano Giulianetti has just released his newest batch of headshots. These new ones reflect the maturity and poise he is able to project while still maintaining his ever-charming immaturity and recklessness that fans adore.And yes, autographed copies are available!

Don’t get caught without an Emcee

It’s officially Summer, also known in Vancouver as ‘Festival Season’ so get ready for great entertainment and fun hosted by the one and only Stefano Giulianetti!  After a busy summer last year as emcee for numerous festivals and events, the smooth-talking actor is ready to pick up the microphone and seamlessly host more happenings again this year.
Stefano recently emceed the annual Peace Arch Hospital Gala and will keep things rolling at the Canada Day Celebrations & Kaleidoscope Festival for the City of Coquitlam. Also on the schedule is Car-Free Day in Port Moody and several VIP events. Follow him on instagram for updates throughout the summer!

Celebrating 20 Years of Fake News
With the 20-year anniversary of Much Ado About Me last fall, Much Ado would like to thank all the theatre companies that have employed Giulianetti and kept this publication so relevant for so long. And with readership of the ORIGINAL fake news at an all-time high - here’s to 20 more!

2018 Jessie Awards
On May 27th, The Jessie Richardson Theatre Awards held their official nominations party elegantly co-hosted by the talented Emilie Leclerc and Stefano Giulianetti. With so many deserving nominations, you won’t want to miss the awards themselves. This year, the Jessies will be held at a new venue and date: Monday July 16th at Bard on the Beach BMO Mainstage in Vanier Park. Enter the contest below to join in the fun, or get your tickets at www.jessieawards.com

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...at WCT’s ‘House at Pooh Corner!’

After a week-long run of sticky fun with Pooh, his honey pots and all his friends, Actor and puppet whisperer Stefano Giulianetti gets ready to close the doors on ‘House at Pooh Corner’ March 11th. This Western Canada Theatre production, directed by Heather Cant revels in the adventures of original author A.A. Milne’s iconic characters from the Hundred Acre Wood to the delight of Kamloops audiences.

Stefano welcomes the eager crowds as Milne and goes on to animate Pooh alongside talented cast members Randi Edmundson and Andrew Cooper who puppet Piglet, Tigger, Kanga, Roo, Owl, Rabbit and Eeyore (why is he always mentioned last?!) and with newcomer 11-year-old Deidrich Orton as Christopher Robin.

Kids of every age relish in the simplicity and joy of Pooh’s world as it’s lifted off the page on the live theatre stage with an incredibly accurate staging by WCT crew and designers. If you’re lucky enough to be in Kamloops this weekend visit the box office and come join the fun!  For fans that may not be in the area, enjoy some snaps from the rehearsal and production, and remember, Pooh and his friends are all waiting for you in the books!!!

“Think, think, think!”
The puppets work hard on their scripts in rehearsal
L to R: Pooh, Piglet, Rabbit,Tigger, Roo and Kanga

Cast L to R: Stefano Giulianetti, Randi Edmundson, Deidrich Orton & Andrew Cooper. Costumes: Marian Truscott. Lighting/Set: Travis Hatt. Puppets: Shawn Kettner. Production Stage Manager: Madison Henry
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HAPPY NEW YEAR!  Where the heck have you been!?
With a busy 2016 at our backs, it is with great excitement that all of us at Much Ado About Me offer all you loyal readers best wishes for a fun and busy 2017!  We’ve had many write-in comments anxiously waiting for an update this year, so here’s a review of the performance projects Stefano Giulianetti got up to in 2016.
Redpatch - New Play Premiere
Putting his French language to work this past spring, Giulianetti appreared as ‘Frenchie’ in the final workshop production of Redpatch by Hardline Productions at Presentation House Theatre. Written by Raes Calvert and Sean Harris Oliver, the play is a historical drama that follows the experiences of a young Métis solider (played by Calvert) from the Nuu-chah-nulth nation of Vancouver Island who volunteers to fight for Canada in the First World War and eventually fights at the battle of Vimy Ridge.For more information on the upcoming premiere: hardlineproductions.ca
Surfing Waves &  Surfing Channels
In between projects, Giulianetti did a whole lot of surfing in Tofino this year as well as trying out some new remote surf spots like Haida Gwaii and Sombrio Beach. But while the athletic actor  was catching cold water waves,  fans who prefer surfing channels in the warm indoors may have caught a glimpse of Giulianetti on the popular ABC series ‘Once Upon a Time.’ He pops up as the Jester prompting the Evil Queen to ‘Make a Wish” for her birthday in the episode ‘Souls of the Departed.’Maybe she wished she was surfing!

Fishing can be a pretty passive passtime, but for the dextrous actor Stefano Giulianetti this summer was literally a handful! Returning to the Chemainus Theatre Festival for his 5th contract, Giulianetti helped animate a world of wonder for family audiences as he puppeteered a serious selection of seafood in the play “Pet the Fish” alongside John Han, Lindsay Curl and Director Samantha Currie. The play reminded audiences and actors alike the value of dreams and to never give up. Certainly a valuable lesson to catch!

MC Stef
No, he’s not spinning records, but with so many great concerts, events and parties from September through to New Year’s Eve, you’re likely to have seen Stefano MC one of many events around town including the City of Burnaby live screening of The Tragically Hip’s concert!

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In her apartment on the thirty-third floor of a tower, a woman awaits the man who will deliver her from solitude. 
Vortex Theatre is thrilled to bring JOHN AND BEATRICE by Quebecois playwright Carole Fréchette to Vancouver audiences in both English and French November 25th to December 5th.Young heiress Beatrice (Emilie Leclerc) puts out an ad promising a substantial reward to the man who will interest, move and seduce her. In that order. John (Stefano Giulianetti), is up to the challenge.
And while the characters question, provoke and confront each other in this psychological thriller, the actors and director (Marie Farsi) have their own challenges. What does changing a language do to a character and to a play? Is it the same show? What stays the same?  Giulianetti hopes some daring audience members will see both productions and find out for themselves. For him, this experiment has been a career-long curiosity.  Since having learned French by accident when he walked into the wrong room in grade 1, he has been fascinated with languages and is excited to put himself to the test in this production.
The show runs from November 25-28 in English & December 2-5 in French at the Dusty Flower Shop, 2050 Scotia Street, Vancouver). All shows at 8pm.  Tickets through brownpapertickets.com

In French we don't say "Ninety Nine", we say "quatre vingt dix neuf" which roughly translates to "Four x Twenty +Ten + Nine", or rather "I've never heard of a functional numeric system before"

Once Upon a Time in TV land...
While details are still hush hush, rumour has it that Stefano Giulianetti has been ‘joking around’ on the set of the ABC series  ‘Once Upon a Time.’ The episode, ‘Souls of the departed’ is set to air March 2016 and is rumoured to be with the Evil Queen (played by Lana Parilla), so hopefully he plays his cards right!

No Idle Hands...
Speaking of souls; The devilishly handsome Giulianetti portrayed the prince of darkness earlier this year in the Theatre North West production of ‘The Black Bonspiel of Wullie MacCrimmon’. This Canadian classic written by W.O. Mitchell sees a hotly contested game of curling in the small hamlet of 'Spruce Meadows' on which the soul of the home team skip hangs in limbo.  The production, directed by Robin Nichol, included an extensive cast and creative team from all over Canada converging in Prince George, BC. For more photos and an exclusive video, visit the official Stefano Giulianetti Website!
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